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Constitution Week begins Thursday

The week of September 17-23 commemorates the signing of the United States Constitution.

In 1955, the Daughters of the American Revolution petitioned the U.S. Congress to dedicate September 17-23 of each year to the commemoration of Constitution Week. It was adopted by this legislative body and on August 2, 1956, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed it into Public Law #915.

During Constitution Week, “please take a moment to reflect and celebrate this powerful document which has enabled our democracy within a republic for more than two centuries.  Make friends and family aware of this commemoration,” states a press release from the DAR Virginia Dare Chapter. “And if you have a bell, wind chime or anything that rings, take a minute and let it sound out a tribute to this document which set forth the framework for the federal government that functions to this day.”

DAR Virginia Dare Chapter also provided the following facts on the Constitution:

– It was drafted and signed in 1787.

– It contains 4,400 words.

– The oldest person to sign it was Benjamin Franklin.

– Two future presidents signed it.

– The word “Pennsylvania” was spelled incorrectly.

– There were only 14 original copies made and each has been valued at over $30 million dollars.